Valentine’s Day Special for the month of February!

Schedule a photo session with Thousand Words Photography during the month of February and receive a 1lb bag of Great Lakes Agra Bio-Bite treats for your horse!

GLA BIO-BITE TREATS are a premium horse treat made from all-natural ingredients. GLA Bio-Bite are a high fiber treat that can be fed to all horses. Bio-Bite uses the most essential nutrient groups within equine nutrition to provide a treat for your horse without adding sugar.

Call or text me @ (352) 226-4164 for info.

Feeding High Quality Forage To Horses

I have always thought that feeding grain to horses was not quite natural considering horses in the wild obviously do not have that luxury. Feeding forage, such as beet pulp, bagged chopped forage, hay pellets, and chopped cubed hay, usually timothy and alfalfa are the best choices. Providing a good free choice mineral will give your horse all it needs to survive. In other words, GRAIN is not a necessity for most horses. My personal horse is a very easy keeper, and he loves the 1 measuring cup of grain he gets 3x’s a day. He prefers to nibble grass and a good hay to munch on day and night.  Read more